I cannot say that 6 years of continuous work for a company working in the aluminum and glass industry represents a sufficient number of years of experience. But I am certain and I can say with confidence that one of those difficult days when I was in the depth of darkness, failure and challenge at the beginning of founding Alu Power, was like many years of experience. It was really difficult and painful days. But they are the same days that made a well-established entity that I cherish today. Amer Hamza August 2022


  • Respecting the client’s trust and appreciating the time factor.
  • Our concern is to provide the highest level of quality at the best price value, more than providing ordinary quality at a lower price.
  • The priority of explaining and clarifying the technical information to the customer in a simple way, rather than focusing on the sales process only.
  • Developing and providing unique models that have never been manufactured in the field of aluminum doors and windows.
  • We are constantly working to upgrade the level of technicians and develop equipment and machines that help provide higher quality and faster time


We are constantly looking forward to be the most distinguished entity and the first choice in the field of manufacturing aluminum windows, doors and glass in Egypt and the Middle East. With steady steps and continuous effort, we strive to be one of the most important and prominent pillars in the aluminum industry in the Middle East.


Every day, we manufacture aluminum windows and doors for new residential units for our customers, to be their window to life, so that they remember us every day with their daily use of them. In addition to providing house protection services through rolling shutter products, which have the highest levels of thermal insulation and the strongest security against theft. Aluminum kitchens are more art than industry, so we care about sharing with the customer all the details from the beginning of the establishment of the residential unit to reach the best shape for kitchen design to achieve comfort, use and optimal absorption of all inclusions. And to complete the customer’s comfort, we added a production line to manufacture anti-fracture security shower cabins, using European accessories of the highest quality and more beautiful, to form an artistic icon in itself inside the shower rooms. Our interest in the industry in general and in maintaining the quality of aluminum products, we have a team specialized in maintenance work for all aluminum windows and doors, that can solve any problem facing the customer as quickly as possible. We express our pride and pride in working in the field of aluminum, by issuing “unique pieces – non-recurring” products that represent pieces of art that have never been manufactured before.


It was a big step to start our business in the construction and governmental housing projects, which means mass production. We made great deals with great companies in multiple sites, but we were unhappy that it wasn’t our passion, so we made the decision to focus on the end user market.
Here we find our ambition and passion, also strong competition. We decided to offer multiple products such as kitchens, shutter, shower cabinets, and plisse side to side with aluminum doors and windows. Its also focuses to providing high service starting from premium quality to safety and adding value to the aluminum market.
The most unique window in the Middle East -Royal Window- Masterpiece Editions. It’s a brave move to destroy the box to produce and fabricate one off piece of aluminum window has never been made before. We put ourselves firmly on the market to be The only “Alu Power” to produce Masterpiece Editions.