The most Intelligent entity and the first choice in the field of aluminum and glass industry in Egypt and the Middle East.

We are proud to work in aluminum fabrication field, specially after producing Masterpieces “unique pieces – one off” products that represent pieces of art that have never been manufactured before.

Alu Power – We are the only entity in Egypt and the Middle East that produces unique “Master Piece” editions dedicated to the richest, most luxurious and prestigious places around the world.

We are unique in creating and manufacturing non-recurring and unprecedented pieces of art from aluminum windows and doors, completely handmade without the intervention of complex machines, by adding most precious and rare elements of metals, glass and leather, so that in the end it becomes one of the rare collectibles in itself, whose value increases over time.

We started our industrial activity since 2018. We have an administrative, engineering and technical staff with more than twenty years of experience.

We completed more than 200 projects in a short period of time.

Equivalent to 24,500 square meters of aluminum doors and windows, 24,000 square meters of glass, which achieves 5,000 tons of aluminum sections.

It is a huge number that is difficult to achieve in the short period until 2022.

SQM of Glass
Tons of Aluminum

Aluminum and glass products

We achieve the high quality of our products: windows, doors, kitchens, aluminum rolling shutters, plisse screen mesh and glass shower cabins.


Doors & Windows


Roller Shutter

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Shower Cabinet


Plisse Fly Mesh

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Our Success Partners.

Power Sections - Aluminum & Glass Sections Catalog

The first catalog of its kind for fabricators aluminum doors and windows sectors in Egypt.

The catalogs contain a simplified and easy explanation of the technical information for each sector, through which you can determine quality standards, specifications and technical comparisons, and choose the sector that best for you.

The catalog will help you to identify products and sectors in a simplified technical way, also you will be able to chose the suitable aluminum section for architectural openings size, will know the different between original and fake accessories, and fabrication quality standards.

The catalog is the first version of its kind in the field of aluminum windows, doors, kitchens, rolling shutters, and shower cabinets in Egypt.

We always present the best quality which client deserve.



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